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Chapter 31

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Thoughts raced through my mind like frantically running wolves.

Ella thinking about Felix's story

My heart broke for Felix, whose history had been ardently brought to life in the pages of his notebook. So many of his experiences resonated with me. I could picture with absolute clarity Felix's heartbroken face as he emerged from a coma, only to hear the news that his beloved parents would never again hold him in their loving embrace. I too had felt the crushing loss of my parents and the emptiness of being alone. I could imagine Felix's fear and confusion as his vocal chords betrayed him when he tried unsuccessfully to speak. I too had experienced moments when my body refused to do what I asked it to do. The more I learned about Felix, the more we had in common.

As I looked deeply into his clear blue eyes, I felt tears begin to form in the corners of my own. With a heart full of compassion, I reached for Felix's hand and enveloped in within my own.

Felix and I holding hands

"Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories," I said softly. "Your parents sound like wonderful people."

Felix scribbled frantically on his notebook and held it up."They were wonderful. They taught me so much," his words said.

"I wish I could have known them," I said. "Felix, our lives are very similar. I too lost my beloved parents. One day, I'd like to tell you about them."

"I would like that very much," he wrote upon his notebook.

"Who else knows about your mutism?" I asked.

"My uncle John told the teachers, but you are the only person I've shared this with," he wrote.

"You can be assured of my secrecy," I said. "It is up to you when you feel ready to share this with others."

"Thank you Ella," he wrote. "You are the truest friend I have ever known."

Felix and I smiled at each other warmly. Suddenly, his gaze became more intent. He moved towards me so our faces were mere inches from each other.

Felix leaning in for the kiss

My heart began racing frantically. One thought was going through my mind - Is Felix about to kiss me?


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