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Chapter 32

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Felix's intense face was mere inches from mine. So close that I could see every strand of corn coloured hair as it curled upon his forehead. So close that I could hear the steady beating of his heart. So close that I could smell the scent of pine needles that clung to his jacket. So close that I could feel his warm breath upon my face.

Felix about to kiss me

Suddenly our special moment was interrupted by the bright jingle of the library door bell.

The library doorbell

Felix and I broke apart and stared at each other awkwardly before turning towards the door.

Walking through the door and towards us was a rustic looking man. He was dressed in a simple olive-coloured jacket that appeared to be worn down by overuse. His face was unshaven and covered with course silver stubble. His expression was one of ardent desperation.

Uncle John in the library

"Felix, I've been looking everywhere for you. We have a problem with River," he said in a voice that was so deep it sounded as though it had been ground against rock.

I realised that this was probably Felix's Uncle John. I smiled in his direction, but he didn't even seem to notice me.

Felix looked in the direction of his Uncle, then looked apologetically at me. He raised his pen and scribbled frantically on his notepad. With a brow furrowed with worry, he held up the words "I have to go."

Felix looking stressed

He raced off after Uncle John, who was already out the front door of the library.

Packing up my bag, I left the library and headed into the forest on my way home. I wheeled across the powder-dusted forest pathway which was slippery with recent snowmelt.

Ella walking home from the library

My emotions were swirling around me like a rambunctious whirlpool. I felt peace at the gratifying calm of Felix and my friendship and delightful anticipation at the promise of something more than friendship. I felt vulnerability as I considered new feelings that I had never encountered before. I feel shyness at my awkward introduction to Felix's Uncle John. And finally I felt disappointment that, due to the situation, our blissful moment had been cut so brutally short.

As if sensing my discomfort, swarms of forest creatures skittered, cawed and pelted to my emotional rescue.

All the animals on Ella, offering their support

When I finally made my way to the front door of the elegant cottage which was now my home, I was greeted by a wildly grinning Renesmee. Her eyes glittered with mischief and excitement.

Renesmee waiting for Ella, smiling knowingly

"What have YOU been up to, sister," she said knowingly. Before I could answer she said, " As I was dropping my books off at the library today, I saw what looked suspiciously like you and Felix about to kiss. Tell all, dear sister. Please enlighten me..."


While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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