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Chapter 23

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Monty, who crossed the rainbow bridge this week. He was the kindest, most gentle dog . He lived the best life a dog could have lived with his loving family: Bec, Craig, Megan, Caity and Madi. Run free darling Monty xxx

This is a photo of Monty and I driving in the car on the way to Fonty's Pool. I am using Monty as a pillow.

Monty's dedication


The day after Halloween dawned. After such an intense week of rescuing dogs, I was relieved that it was a Saturday, meaning we didn't have to go to school. All I felt like doing was curling up on the couch with a good book.

Renesmee and I positioned ourselves on the pristine, overlong couch. I was thoroughly engrossed in Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder.

Touch of Power book cover

Renesmee was equally enthralled by House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig.

House of Salt and Sorrows book cover

Upon our laps were a writhing mass of flailing furry limbs. A number of dogs had formed a protective blanket-like covering over us. Others lay sprawled on the adjoining lounge and were dotted like fluffy floor rugs upon the highly polished hard wood floors.

"It seems like these dogs really enjoy reading," said Renesmee.

"Maybe we should start a doggy book club," I giggled. "We could call it 'Books and Barks'!"

Our laughter was interrupted by Alice prancing into the room.

Our Aunt Alice

She looked at Renesmee and I. She then panned across the sea of dogs, who were covering our legs, the lounges and most of the floor.

"You brought ALL our furry friends into the house?" she asked dryly. "I love dogs, but the stench of almost 100 mutts is really overpowering. It's dampening my mood!"

"Sorry Aunt Alice," I said apologetically. "We are looking for a permanent home for these creatures. But for now, this is the best accommodation we can find."

"I know, I know," replied Alice bossily. "I'm sure something will come up."

Suddenly, I heard the massive footfalls of two sets of paws coming from outside the door.

"Jacob!" yelled Renesmee. She jumped up happily, displacing the swathes of puppies that had been sitting on her lap. She ran to the front door, swung it open with gusto and threw her arms around the enormous tawny brown wolf that stood before her. Jacob, in wolf form nuzzled Renesmee affectionately and let out a contented growl.

Renesmee and Jacob outside the cottage

I transferred from the couch into my chair.

When I had become a vampire, the way that I moved had remained the same. I could still stand when supported, which allowed me to stand up from the lounge, hold onto the chair and seat myself within my wheelchair. I was able to take steps in a safe place (like in a gym) but was still uneasy on my feet in crowds or on uneven surfaces. I was still a person with a disability. My disability had remained with me throughout my transformation into a supernatural being. This was because my disability was part of who I was. It was my identity.

Ella in her wheelchair about to go off and see what Renesmee thinks she's doing having a love interest in such a nefarious mutt

After Bruce had positioned himself comfortably onto my lap, I propelled outside. I noticed Renesmee and Jacob standing companionably together. Stealthily, Leah's silvery form padding up beside us.

Jacob began barking excitedly. With my new calibre of understanding the language of animals, I knew exactly what he was saying.

"We have a solution for these little fur cousins of ours," said Jacob. "We have suffered great sadness over the appalling treatment of these dogs."

"Climb upon our backs and we will take you to see something remarkable," said Leah.

I turned to Renesmee and translated the wolf language for her. Renesmee climbed confidently onto Jacob's back.

Leah lowered down so Bruce and I were able to clamber onto her vast silvery back. I positioned Bruce in front of me and clutched onto a tuft of Leah's fur. Once we were comfortably seated on her back, Leah rose up to her full height. Leah and Jacob suddenly bolted off, their muscular legs swiftly propelling them across the soft ground. Bruce and I hung on for dear life!

Ella and Bruce riding on Leah to get to the  werewolf reservation

As we made our way through the forest, I could see the trees, which had been reduced to a blur with our unguarded speed. I could hear the cat calls of many birds flocking away in fear as we charged past. I could smell the keen scent of leaves rotting away under the trees. I could feel the wind rushing past me in unrelenting waves.

We finally arrived at La Push where the Quileute tribe of First Nations shapeshifters made their home. Leah and Jacob pulled up in front of a large raven-coloured structure.

The enormous cottage Leah and Jacob paused in front of

I noticed my wheelchair sitting on the rich soil at the foot of the structure. I suspected Emmett had dropped it off for me.

Leah lowered herself onto the ground so I could slide off her back and get into my chair. Bruce jumped onto the ground and began sniffing around curiously.

Ella sitting in her wheelchair surveying the dogs as they explore their new home

"We've built this cottage as a permanent home for the dogs," said Jacob happily.

"They are our relatives so they should live with us," said Leah. "At the reservation, they will be free to roam and enjoy their life."

Tears of happiness sprung into my eyes.

Just then, I heard the sound of an engine rumbling. A bus pulled up. Alice and Jasper exited through its sleek doors.

"I saw what just happened," said Alice, referring to her gift of soothsaying. "We've brought the dogs to their new home!"

Out poured a stream of furry shapes, barking happily. Some of the dogs began exploring the outside of their new surrounds with apt curiosity.

Others ventured inside and settled themselves onto the range of beds that had been especially made for them.

The dogs getting comfortable in their beds or on rugs spread over the floor

Bruce wandered up to me and jumped onto my lap. Looking deep into my eyes, he barked with passion, "As lovely as this new home is, I can not imagine being separated from you ever again."

"Until you cross the rainbow bridge," I reassured him, "your home will always be with me."

Just then my phone dinged. A text message appeared.

Deirdre attempting to control my actions with her threatening text messages AGAIN

Oh no, I thought. Deirdre is attempting to control my actions with her threatening text messages AGAIN ...



While I was writing this, I was listening to:

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