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Chapter 24

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Author's note: Within this chapter, one of the characters (Deidre) uses language that is derogatory to people with disabilities. This is called ableist language. For example, Deidre says I am 'confined to a wheelchair'. A wheelchair doesn't make me confined, it gives me freedom. She also calls me 'poor Ella'. She pities me but I shouldn't be pitied because I have a disability. She also says some offensive words such as 'crippled' instead of disabled.

I hope I don't offend anyone but I just want to show that Deidre is ableist and a horrible character.


I eyed the message from Deirdre with distaste. Even the sight of her fake auburn curls and heavily eye lined eyes made me recoil.

Deirdre's threatening messages

I couldn't believe it. We had just got to the point where all was well. The dogs were happy, I was happy and life was good. And now, Deirdre swooped in to take my happiness from me.

From one perspective, I was a thief. I had stolen nearly 100 dogs. But I felt morally pretty good about it. These dogs had grown up in atrocious conditions and they had the right to live a happy life. If I had to steal them for them to be safe, then so be it.

If Deidre was going to tell the world about this, I might be arrested. The dogs could be sent away and Bruce and I could be separated. I could not let this happen!

Ping! Another message from Deirdre arrived.

"Ella darling, let's meet at 4pm instead. I have to get my nails done so 6pm won't be convenient for me. And bring Brucey. I don't think he should be living with a criminal like you!"

Will she never leave me alone? I thought sadly.

Ella worrying that Deirdre will never leave her alone

As if reading my thoughts, Alice moved next to me and put her arm around my shoulders. I turned the screen in Alice's direction so she could read the nefarious messages for herself.

"It seems Deirdre is up to no good. Again. How many times do we need to deal with her? Honestly!"

"What are we going to do?" I asked fearfully.

"Don't worry," she reassured me. "I have a plan that will get rid of her once and for all."

At 4pm we made our way to the Forks Community Library.

Ella outside of her usual workplace: The Forks Community Library

The Forks library stood proud on top of an emerald hill, righteous in its unwavering solemnity. The white columns which sat within the red brick facade glistened with a sun-kissed glow.

The Forks library, perfectly subtle in it's majesty

When I was human, my best memories were created within the manicured walls of this library. I remembered with fondness the smell of old books, the dim glow of stained glass lamps and the secretive whispers of pages being turned.

Ella reminiscing about her former life working in the library

I returned from my reverie to hear the sounds of an engine idling. A flashy red car squealed to a stop. Gravel from the side of the road billowed up from underneath its tyres. With a self righteous grace, Deirdre emerged. She was dressed in a garish bronze gown that would have been more suited to a cocktail party than a library driveway. A long, checkered cloak was draped around her shoulders. Fur detailing brushed against her neck. I had no doubt that this was real fur, as Deirdre would have no problem sacrificing a poor innocent animal for her fashions.

Deidre standing outside the library beside her flashy red car

Deirdre tottered over to me. Her heels sank into the grass with an insulting stab. After every step, Deirdre extracted her shoes with frustration.

"Poor, poor Ella," began Deirdre. "As if you didn't have enough problems..."

"What do you mean?" I asked warily.

"Well, you are already crippled, wheelchair bound and an orphan. As if that wasn't bad enough, now you are a criminal. It is tragic, truly tragic."

"I have no need for your histrionics," I said wearily. "What do you want?"

"I want you BACK," she said. "And I want money, lots of money. Judging by their enormous house, it seems like your new friends have lots to spare. Let's end this charade now."

She extended a bony hand in my direction.

Deidre offering to make peace with me

Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the tree adjacent to where we were standing. With feline grace, Jasper emerged. He walked purposely up to Deirdre and stared deep into her eyes.

Jasper standing beside Deidre, glaring at her

Deidre's eyes glazed over.

Deirdre with a glazed expression on her face

"You don't know about Ella rescuing the dogs," Jasper said hypnotically.

"I don't know about the dogs," repeated Deirdre robotically.

"You will leave Ella alone," Jasper said soporifically.

"I will leave Ella alone," Deidre repeated mechanically.

"You will forget you ever knew Ella," Jasper intoned smoothly.

"I will forget I ever knew Ella," Deidre repeated habitually.

"You will leave this town and never come back," Jasper said evenly.

"I will leave this town and never come back," she said unthinkingly.

Without another word, Deirdre headed back to her car and drove off.

"You will never have to deal with her again," said Jasper.


A we walked back to the Cullen house, I reflected on everything that had happened in the last few weeks.

I had been adopted by Bella and Edward so I was now Ella Georgiana Cullen;

Ella holding her adoption certificate and smiling euphorically

I had started school as a vampire alongside my new sister Renesmee;

I had found out that my beloved childhood pet was alive;

Ella holding Bruce in her lap

and I had rescued and re-homed almost 100 dogs.

The dogs in their terrible prison

Tomorrow was the start of a new week of school and I was looking forward to things getting back to my new normal.

As 'normal' as a disabled vampire teenager could possibly be...

Ella smiling secretly to herself



While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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