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Chapter 22

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Alice flung the door to the operating room open and exited with a dramatic flourish. She gestured for us to follow her. As we came out into the room at the foot of the stairs, I noticed it had been transformed.

Candles glowed from each step of the staircase. Upon the marble table sat an elegant black and orange display. The display consisted of gilded pumpkins, decorative haunted houses and toy ravens with top hats and bow ties.

Alice's Halloween display

On the floor sat a vintage cast iron cauldron filled with lollypops. This must be our Cullen candy cauldron waiting for trick-or treating guests, I thought excitedly.

Our Cullen candy cauldron waiting for trick-or treating guests

"Go and put on your costumes," ordered Alice cheerfully. " I've laid them on your beds".

Alice ordering us to go get dressed in our Halloween costumes

My costume was a sparkly replica of a witch's clothing. On the top of my head was an elaborate witch's hat.

Ella in her elaborate Halloween costume and dark purple witch's hat

Renesmee's costume was a midnight coloured one-sleeve dress with a gauzy skirt which cascaded in a curtain around her legs. She had an identical plum-coloured witches hat.

Renesmee in a midnight one-sleeve dress which cascaded to her feet

We made our way out of our rooms and back into the festively spooky living room.

Renesmee and I in our identical witch's outfits

Alice was waiting for us with excitement.

"You're the most beautiful witches I ever beheld," she said proudly.

"Bubble, bubble toil and trouble," Renesmee and I recited in unison.

One by one, my Cullen family made their way into the room. They were dressed in a range of costumes, from a lighthouse keeper, to a bride to a soldier. We gathered together admiring each others' attire.

"This is going to be the best Halloween ever," Emmett roared in his bear-like rumble.

Renesmee and I together with our family in their Halloween costumes

"I'm just a bit concerned about leaving Bruce and the other dogs home alone," I said nervously.

"Don't be," said Alice. "Carlisle is looking after Bruce and Esme is looking after the others. Besides," Alice said with a twinkle in her eye, "we have some furry friends who have decided they want to come trick or treating too!"

In trotted three puppies dressed in the cutest Halloween costumes I had ever seen. Our furry friends are in costume ready to party, I thought cheerfully.

Our furry friends in costume ready for a night on the town
Author's note: thanks to Meg Whitwam for suggesting a Halloween theme for this chapter and helping me find a myriad of dog Halloween costumes. Thanks Mum for photoshopping Halloween costumes onto some of the dogs!

"Now let's hit the town," said Emmett, "We have our favourite holiday to celebrate..."



While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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