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Chapter 21

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Carlisle greeted us in a long white coat. I realised this was what he wore when he worked at the hospital treating his patients.

Carlisle greeting us outside of the Cullen house in his pristine doctor's coat

I suspected there might be at least one injury in our battered convoy," he said knowingly. Scooping Bruce hurriedly up into his arms, he ran feverishly inside.

"You and Renesmee go and help Carlisle," said Alice. "I'll look after the other dogs. Save Bruce!" she implored desperately.

We followed Carlisle through many winding hallways before we happened upon a large white door. It led into a sterile room filled with medical equipment.

The temporary veterinary clinic Carlisle has created in the back of the house

"I've transformed this room into a makeshift veterinary clinic," Carlisle said. "In the 1950s I worked as a vet so I'm comfortable working with animals."

"You're comfortable working with anyone or anything so this doesn't surprise me," I said.

A large, silver operating table sat in the centre of the room, below uncommonly bright light fixtures hanging down from the ceiling. Carlisle placed Bruce carefully on the table and began examining him. Renesmee and I watched in silent dread.

Renesmee and I watching Carlisle treating Bruce with silent dread

Carlisle's eyes were immediately drawn to the insidious looking wound on Bruce's side.

"This is badly infected," he said. "I'm going to start him on IV antibiotics to flush out this poisonous condition."

He began cleaning the wound and applying fresh bandages then took Bruce's temperature and shook his head. "His temperature is 41.1 degrees,"said Carlisle. "This temperature is high."

I asked the forbidden question. "Will Bruce survive?"

Carlisle looked at me with eyes brimming with compassion. "I will do everything in my power to preserve his life," he said.

"What others can not do, this is what you must do for my beloved pet," I said, with tears streaming down my face.

Ella worrying over Bruce's leaking wounds and ever- deteriorating condition

We waited for hours in tense silence. Carlisle cared tirelessly for his patient: wiping his furry brow, cleaning the wound and replacing the bloodied gauze. I couldn't help worrying over Bruce's leaking wounds and his ever-deteriorating condition.

Esme brought in Sangue to satiate our thirsts and calm our racing minds.

Esme bringing us Sangue to satiate our thirsts and our racing minds

She also brought the news that Alice had set up temporary accommodation for the dogs. They were encamped in the Cullen gymnasium, which was behind the house.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling from the table. Bruce's eyes fluttered open. He let out an enormous yawn.

Bruce adjusting his position with an enormous yawn

"Bruce," I shouted with relief. I threw my arms around his furry little body. "I love you so much Bruce. I couldn't bear to be parted with you again."

Carlisle smiled encouragingly. "He's through the worst of it," Carlisle said. "Let's give him some space to have some rest."

Suddenly the door swung open. With a flourish, Alice sashayed into the room. She was dressed in a forest green cloak, complete with a Robin Hood hat, makeshift hunting pouch and arrow. Upon her face, makeup had been expertly applied to make her appear like a creature from the woods.

Alice completing her metamorphosis into her Halloween costume. This year, she was dressed as an excitable and vivacious Robin Hood.

It appeared as though Alice had completed her metamorphosis into this year's Halloween costume. It looked like she was dressed as an excitable and vivacious Robin Hood.

Alice's wit and vivacity is most cleverly allured to in her composition, I thought dramatically.

"I just sensed your amazing news," she said. "Now Bruce is on the mend and the dogs are settled in, it's time to get dressed."

"Dressed?" I asked with confusion.

"It's understandable with the drama that has been occurring that you have lost track of the days," Alice said. "Tonight is Halloween and we need to get ready!"



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