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Chapter 18

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

"Now you know there is only one choice if you want your darling little Brucey back," said Deidre haughtily. "And your choice is to come back to your Deidre."

"We'll think about it and get back to you,"said Edward, mirroring Carlisle's calm manner in every respect.

"Well, you'd better be quick about it," said Deidre sassily.

She turned on her heel and walked off with a satisfied smile on her face. The smell of her perfume lingered in the air like rotten plums.

Deirdre leaving the cottage in a huff
Authors note: I described Deidre's perfume as smelling like rotten plums. The smell of rotten plums is a reference to Caraval by Stephanie Garber. This young adult book features a character who carries the smell of rotten plums around in his wake.

As soon as the door closed, there was a flurry of activity.

"As much as it pains me to process," I said in a voice dripping with weariness. "I have to go back to Deidre. This is a dark day indeed."

"No, you can't go back!!!" said Renesmee.

"If I don't go back I'll never see my dog again," I said.

"How can you trust that Deidre knows where Bruce is?" asked Renesmee. "She might be lying just to get you back."

Renesmee looking disturbed

"Deidre speaks the truth," said Edward. "I read her mind."

Edward explaining that he had read Deirdre's mind

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. Of course! I thought. Vampires often have special gifts and Edward's gift is to read people's minds. He must have been reading Deidre's mind the entire time! And he would know the truth about what she had done with Bruce.

"Edward, please tell me immediately," I said desperately. "Where is Bruce?"

"Bruce has been living for the past two years at a puppy farm a few hours away from Forks," Edward said.

"What's a puppy farm?" asked Renesmee.

"A puppy farm is where dogs are forced to repeatedly breed. They are kept in poor conditions. Puppy farms are abominable!" Alice said.

With a voice shaking with fear, I asked the question I had been dreading, "Is Bruce alive?"

Ella looking distressed about Bruce

Alice smiled. "I have seen into the future. He still lives."

Crying tears of relief I said urgently, "We need to rescue him. Who wants to join me in a recovery mission?"

"Hell yeah!" said Emmett, who strode into the room with confidence.

"We'll go tonight once the sun sets," said Edward.


As the sky dimmed and the moon rose, Edward, Bella, Renesmee and I assembled outside the cottage.

Bella, Edward, Emmett, Renesmee and I about to set off for the rescue mission at dusk
This photo has been darkened with the sole purpose of making this part of the story look like we are about to go rescue Bruce at night

"This feels like a military operation," said Renesmee.

"I feel like a ninja," I said, looking down at my black clothes.

We piled frantically into Emmett's jeep and headed off. After driving for about three hours we pulled outside a run-down house. I couldn't believe this dilapidated hell pit of a prison was where Bruce was being incarcerated.

The dilapidated hell pit of a prison Bruce is being incarcerated inside

To the rear of the house, we could hear pained barking. We made our way resolutely to the back of the house and peered cautiously over the fence.

The broken fence we have to heave ourselves over to get into this inaccessible pushover of a yard

What I saw broke my heart into a million pieces.

Ella seeing the devastation of the backyard Bruce is being kept in

There were dogs everywhere. They were in living amongst piles of rubbish and mud. They were shivering with cold and shaking with fear.

The many dogs inside the yard
Author's note: the dogs in the yard are photos of some of me and my mum's friend's dogs.

A chorus of barks sang out like cathedral bells. Due to my gift of communicating with animals, their barks formed words that I could understand.

"Help me," said a Maltese Poodle desperately.

The Maltese Poodle looking up at me pleadingly
Author's note: in real life this is Charlie the Moodle. He is my dog.

"I'm so hungry," said a Griffon imploringly.

Millie the griffon
Author's note: in real life this is Millie the Griffon. She is Tia's dog.

"I'm so thirsty," said a Lagotto Romagnolog helplessly.

Otzi the dog
Author's note: In real life this is Otzi the Lagotto Romagnolog. He is Laura's dog.

Suddenly I heard a canine voice ring out above all the others "Ella, it's you!"

I looked to see my beloved Bruce chained to a tree.

Bruce tied to a tree
Editor's note: no dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post (except for Bruce's pride).

Without considering the consequences, I smashed my wheelchair through the fence and wheeled towards Bruce. With my vampire strength, I snapped the chains the held him to the post.

Ella smashing the chains on the fence

I scooped his cold body up into my arms.

Bruce on Ella's lap

"I have missed you so much," I said, weeping openly.

"This is the best day of my life now that you have returned," said Bruce.

"We are taking you home," I said happily. "You will never have to live in this horrible place again."

Bruce looked desperately towards an old shed at the back of the yard.

"My friends and their babies are within those grimy walls," he said sadly. "I can not save myself and leave them."

Bruce looking desperately toward the grimy shed the other dogs are kept in

"Hell no you can't" said a voice from behind us. I noticed that Emmett, Renesmee, Edward and Bella had followed me through the hole in the fence.

Bella, Edward, Renesmee and Emmett standing with me in the yard

"We're taking all of you," said Edward gently.

Barks of joy rang out in the night. My gift allowed me to translate these barks into cheers of excitement, happiness and relief.

"But the bad men will be back by the time the sun rises again," said Bruce.

"Hurry," Bella said with purpose . "If we're gonna save these dogs, we don't have a moment to lose!..."



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