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Chapter 19

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I wrapped Bruce in a blanket and gently placed him onto the rotted loam of the backyard.

Bruce wrapped in a blanket exhausted laying on the ground sleeping

As Bruce closed his eyes with exhaustion, I headed with purpose towards the battered shed. With a mixture of urgency and trepidation, I opened the door. The room was almost pitch black. My senses were assaulted by the strong smell of dog urine and faeces. Pitiful yaps filled the cold air. I reached along the grimy wall until I located the light switch and flicked it on tentatively.

I gazed in horror at the sight that greeted me. The shed was filled with puppies of varying sizes and breeds, cramped together and trying to obtain warmth.

The shed overflowing with puppies
Editor's note: When Ella decided on a storyline featuring a shed full of puppies, I knew I would have a photoshopping challenge on my hands! The images featured within this blog are used as writing stimulus for Ella. This meant I would need images of lots of puppies. I put the call out on social media for friends to send me images of their fur babies. I was hoping for about 20 images but I got over 80 images of cuteness that could melt the heart of even the most evil vampire! I hope I've done your puppies justice xx

A Pomeranian lay feeding her puppies on a filthy old mattress which was stained with dirt and other horrific substances.

A Pomeranian lying tiredly on a mattress feeding her puppies
Editor's note: the dirty rug was photoshopped into this image. In reality, Coco and her puppies were lying on a pristine heart-covered rug and being completely pampered by their mumma Terese.

A tan and white puppy cowered pitifully in a corner of the shed, whimpering pathetically as if remembering unforeseen cruelties.

A tan and white puppy sitting in a corner whimpering pathetically
Editor's note: in reality, this puppy lives a life of luxury with the Lawtons.

A collection of mewling mahogany and white puppies lay upon filthy newspaper. They formed a wreathing mass of consternation.

A collection of mahogany and white puppies huddled on filthy newspaper
Editor's note: these little darlings were photoshopped into this dirty background. In actuality, they came from a lovely, clean warm bed.

Two Moodle siblings huddled together, their apricot coloured fur creating a barrier against the cold.

two moodle puppies
These Moodles are siblings in real life- Angel (left) belongs to my friend Meg and Charlie (right) is my dog.

"Ella, I need to talk to you," Edward called from outside the shed.

"What's wrong?" I asked with concern.

"There must be about 90 dogs here. I don't know how we're going to get them back to Forks," he said.

Before Edward and I could discuss this problem any further, we heard a loud beeping coming from the front of the house. I propelled hurriedly to the front of the house. Parked out was a pristine white bus. With a hiss, the doors opened and out walked Alice with a flourish. Jasper followed with a smile.

Alice and Jasper outside the bus

"I saw into the future that we are taking lots of dogs home with us," said Alice with undisguised excitement."Jasper and I thought we'd contribute to the idea. I hope you like our bus!" she said happily.

"Thank you for helping these poor dogs," I said with relief.

"Follow us around to the backyard," said Bella. "We need all the helpers we can get."

We returned to the backyard. I made my way back inside the shed. Due to my gift of communicating with animals, I knew I could give these prisoners a gift of hope and safety and that they would understand me.

Ella inside the shed offering reassurance to the puppies

"My friends and I are going to help you get out of here," I said. "They will be picking you and your puppies up. Please don't be afraid - we will not harm you."

"We trust you," said a parti-coloured Australian Shepherd with blue eyes sparkling with hope. It was seated next to a nervous looking coal black and snow white pup.

The Australian Shepherd's saying that they trust Ella

"Someone will need to help me and my friend," said a Pomeranian.

"We are only babies," said an inky coloured kelpie cross.

The kelpie cross and Pomeranian explaining that they need help need help

''On my honour, I will protect you from harm's way," I promised , meaning every word.

"Some of us are very strong and don't need to be carried,"said two energetic Staffordshires.

The staffies explaining their strength and strong desire not to be carried

"I'm also very strong,"said a Labrador with determined brown eyes.

The Labrador explaining his strength

"That's great!" said Renesmee encouragingly. "If you can walk, walk. And if you can run, run."

Some dogs ran with all their might towards the bus. Others walked slowly but with determination. The dogs who were too weak or too young were lovingly carried to the bus by my family and I, who worked with vampire speed to transfer the dogs.

I carried a tri colour cavoodle to the bus. He kissed me lovingly on the cheek.

The tri coloured cavoodle licking Ella fiercely
Author's note: this is me with my Cavoodle called Harry.

Emmett's enormous arms and broad shoulders were filled with puppies.

Emmett helping by carrying a group of weaker puppies

Renesmee managed to straddle four puppies at a time in her lap.

Renesmee carrying four puppies in her arms

Edward and Bella joined hands to carry a poodle cross that was wriggling uncontrollably. It smiled enthusiastically in their arms.

Bella and Edward carrying an excitable poodle cross in their arms

Finally, the puppies and their parents were secured safely onto the bus. Though the bus was inaccessible to me due to having steps, I was able to drag myself up the steps using my powerful arms. I sat in the back of the bus with Bruce perched happily on my lap.

Ella sitting on a bus with lots of dogs sitting around her. Bruce the pug is on her lap.

Suddenly I heard the sound of gravel under tyres. Two black cars sped recklessly towards us.

The puppy farm owners cars speeding towards us

Oh no, I thought. The bad men are back...



While I was writing this chapter I was listening to:

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