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Chapter 15

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Renesmee and I made our way through the school car park, to the ramp that led to the front of Forks High. Suddenly, we were interrupted by an excitable cawing coming from the trees above us.

"Good luck, Ella," chorused a wren.

"Have a good day," chirped a raven.

"You've got this, Ella," chittered a robin.

Birds wishing me good luck for my first day

"Let me guess," said Renesmee wryly."They're wishing you good luck."

"They're my little mascots," I said with a smile on my face.

As we entered the building, a wash of de ja vu assaulted me. I remembered the first day I had walked through these hallowed halls. I was fifteen years old and had just been transferred to my latest foster home. This one was a rundown house on the outskirts of Forks. My foster parents were Deidre and Harry. Deidre was a tall, sour-looking woman who only cared about herself. She spent nearly all her time on her bejewelled phone buying outfits from online sites.

Deirdre holding her phone
Author's note: When I started writing this chapter, I realised I would need to describe my foster mother. Mum and I thought of all the horrible step mothers and foster mothers we had watched in movies. I remembered Deirde from 'A Cinderella Story'. She is who I imagine as my foster mother when I am writing my story.

Harry spent most of his time in front of the television drinking beer. Both of them had made it clear right from the start that they were only looking after me for the money. You see, when you're a foster parent, you get money for looking after a child. But just because your foster parents get money, doesn't mean they spent the money on you. Diedre spent most of the money on clothes for herself.

I remembered feeling isolated, unwanted and alone.

Ella feeling isolated, unwanted and alone

"Are you alright, Ella?"

Renesmee's worried voice broke through my reverie. I turned to see her looking at me with a concerned expression.

"I'm fine," I said shakily. "Just a flashback from my earlier life. I felt so alone."

"You never have to be alone again," Renesmee said, hugging me tightly.

I reflected on what my life was like now. I had a best friend, a family that loved me, a new gift of communicating with animals and I was now immortal. My life was good.

Ella sitting in her wheelchair smiling in her school clothes

We made our way down the corridor and stopped in front of our lockers.

Renesmee and I in front of our lockers

My vampire senses were unimaginably heightened. The chattering of the students as they conversed enthusiastically with each other was as loud as a hive of bees.

Bees on their hive

The fluorescent lights in the corridor blazed as bright as a flickering fire.

A flickering campfire

The macaroni and cheese smell coming from the cafeteria was a strong as feet that had been sweating inside sneakers for the whole day.

students sweaty feet in their sneakers

The door of my locker felt as rough as freshly upturned gravel.

Freshly upturned gravel

The particles of antibacterial wash that wafted off someone's hand and onto my tongue tasted as sour as a freshly picked lemon.

Freshly picked lemon

I opened up my multicoloured backpack and took out my timetable.

Close up of Ella with her schoolbag and timetable on her lap

Renesmee did the same.

"English first," I said at the same time that Renesmee said "I've got English."

"Jinx!" we chimed in unison. I laughed with delight as I realised we would have our first class together.

Renesmee and I standing by our lockers laughing at the thought of our first class together

Renesmee and I headed into the English classroom. On the wall was a poster of Shakespearean insults as well as book covers of The Giver by Louis Lowry,

The Giver book cover

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey,

The book cover of Jasper Jones
Author's note: I would really like to read this book. I'm going to be really happy when I get to read it. I'm not going to read it yet because the themes are too mature.

and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

Sense and sensibility book cover

I transferred into the plastic chair behind one of the desks. Renesmee sat down next to me. In walked a kind looking woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a beige and white checked dress.

"Hello, class," she said in a sweet manner. "For those who do not know me, I am Miss Greenwood and I am your English teacher for this year. I am looking forward to teaching you all."

Miss Greenwood - our English teacher for the year
Author's note: Miss Greenwood is inspired by Miss Honey from Matilda.

Suddenly her face took on a dramatic expression.

"Fair is foul and foul is fair," she recited dramatically. "Does anybody know where this quote originates from?"

My hand shot up.

Students with their hands up

Miss Greenwood pointed at me and said "Please state your name and your answer."

Renesmee gave me a thumbs up and an encouraging nod.

"My name is Ella Hawthorne*," I said shyly. "This quote is from Macbeth by William Shakespeare. It is said by a trio of witches in the opening scene of the play."

"Well done Ella," Miss Greenwood said encouragingly, "I'm very impressed."

"I love Shakespeare and I read his plays and sonnets all the time," I said.

"Well you are going to love the course work we are investigating this year as we are studying Shakespeare's plays."

Renesmee and I look at each other happily. Suddenly, a voice rang out through the loudspeaker. "Ella Hawthorne, please come to the principal's office." Renesmee and I looked worriedly at each other.

"Ella, you may leave," said Miss Greenwood.

I wheeled apprehensively towards the principal's office.

Ella looking apprehensive at the thought of going to the principals office

As I got to the door, the principal welcomed my kindly."Come in Ella, there is someone here to see you," she said.

I entered tentatively. Sitting behind the principal's desk was my foster mother, Deidre.

My foster mother Deirdre sitting inside the principals office

"Ella, darling , I have fabulous news!" she said, waving around her heavily jewelled hands.

"I'm back in Forks and I'm here to take you home..."


*I came up with my fictional last name from the surname of Gael Hawthorne from The Hunger Games.


While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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