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Chapter 16

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I looked at Deidre and felt a sudden rage boiling up inside me like magical ingredients overflowing from a witch's cauldron.

a bubbling witch's couldron

I remembered the shame, sadness and uncertainty I had felt when I was living with Deidre. I felt shame because of the pity she would show towards my disability. I felt sadness because of her inability to accept me for who I was. And I felt uncertainty because I knew she didn't love me - she just wanted the money she got for fostering me. At any time I felt like she could get bored with me and I could be herded like a sheep to my next home.

In a voice that was dripping with undisguised hostility I said,"I will never return to you after you regaled me for years with your blasphemous ideas about disability."

Ella storming angrily out of the principal’s office

With an exasperated air, I flounced out of the Principal's office and into the corridor. I continued down the banner-lined hallway, seething at the injustice of my unholy predicament. As I neared the silver front door, Renesmee catapulted out of the English class room and into my waiting arms.

"What's wrong?" asked Renesmee with concern.

"My foster mother is back and she wants to take me," I exclaimed.

"Don't worry, our family will know what to do. Let's get out of here."

Together, we raced out the front of Forks High. Waiting in the carpark was Emmett's jeep.

Ella and Renesmee standing next to Emmett’s Jeep

Alice stepped out of the jeep and looked at us with a worried expression.

Alice looking worried

"I saw what happened with your foster mother," said Alice.

I knew when Alice said 'saw', she was referring to her gift of foresight.

"Don't worry, we'll sort this out as a family. Let's go home."


We drove back to the pearlescent white cottage that was now my home.

Emmett's Jeep outside the cottage

As we made our way into the airy lounge room, I saw all the members of the Cullen family gathered within its ivory walls.

The Cullen's in the front room of the cottage

Due to Edward's mind-reading ability, I knew that all of the Cullens would be aware of my plight with Deidre.

"There has to be something we can do," said Renesmee, with tears running down her face. "Ella can't go back to that deplorable woman."

Carlisle rose from his position on the merlot coloured armchair. He walked over to me and placed a reassuring arm on my shoulder.

Carlisle in the cottage front room

"No one is going to take you away from us," he said. "I have an idea that will prevent Deidre or anyone else from claiming you. Bella, Edward, you need to take Ella to Seattle. J Jenks has some important paperwork for Ella."


Bella, Edward, Renesmee and I drove along the tree-lined streets on our way towards Seattle.

Edward's car on the road to Seattle

As the sun set behind the city skyline, we pulled up outside an expensive looking restaurant. Stepping inside, I noticed tables covered with snowy white tablecloths, an expanse of windows overlooking the water and fairy lights creating a calm atmosphere. Seated at a table in the corner of the room was a well-dressed business man.

J.Jenks: The Cullen's lawyer
Author's note: J.Jenks is a character from the fourth Twilight book, 'Breaking Dawn'. He was responsible for providing forged passports for Renesmee and Jacob.

As we approached, he stood and smiled.

"Welcome. Please take a seat," he said, in a deeply melodious voice."I'm J.Jenks, the Cullen's lawyer. It's lovely to meet you Ella. I've moved one of the chairs out of the way so you can fit your wheelchair."

I felt impressed that J.Jenks had thought about the fact that I was in a wheelchair and how I would be able to sit at the table. I manoeuvred my wheelchair into the space opposite J.Jenks. Bella, Edward and Renesmee sat down around me at the table.

Bella, Edward, Renesmee and I band J. Jenks

J. Jenks handed me a large white envelope.

J.Jenks handing me the envelope

If you want to know the solution to your problem, open this envelope..."



While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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