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Chapter 7

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Without another word, Alice started urging us hurriedly through the house. She was wearing a mauve dress the colour of mallow flowers. On the shoulders of the dress were massive bows that draped down her arms. The fabric was diagonally beaded with rows of tiny mauve sequins. She looked like she was attending a Christmas Eve ball.

Alice is in a purple dress with bows on the shoulders. She is smiling demurely at the camera

She bustled Renesmee and I into my bedroom. Dresses covered every available surface. I found it hard to manoeuvre my chair because my room was structured like a maze of satin, velvet and faux fur.

A bedroom overflowing with racks of clothes and clothes on the floor

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I'm throwing a party," Alice said excitedly. "The party is a celebration of you becoming a vampire. People are arriving in two hours. Hurry, we need to get ready!"

"Alice absolutely adores fashion," said Renesmee wearily. "She is always trying to rope me into her fashion escapades. Join the club, Ella!"

"Yes of course she needs to join the club!" said Alice enthusiastically. "She's part of this family now so she should get to wear fancy clothes. Wait til you see what I've prepared for you, Ella!"

The first outfit was an unconventional mixture of fiery colours.

The pants were as red as tomatoes. A fuchsia pink satin top sat tucked in and tied with a gaudy bow at my neck. Around my wrist was was a bracelet comprised of multi-coloured beads the size of cherries.

The crowning glory was a raspberry red shaggy jacket which made me look like a red bear. I felt like a bucket of red paint had exploded all over me.

a bucket of spilled red paint

"This outfit may be a bit bright," I said shyly.

"I'll find something different," Alice said excitedly.

The second outfit was all black.The top was adorned with sequins which caught the light in the bedroom. My arms were dripping with diamond-covered bracelets.

silver bracelets covered with diamonds

A gauzy tulle ballet skirt draped over my legs, which were encased in footless lace stockings.

Ella is wearing an all black outfit. She is smiling like she thinks the outfit looks a bit silly

I felt like a disco ball!

a disco ball

"Can I wear something a little more subdued," I asked.

"I know, I have the perfect thing," she said. Alice brought out a red and black patterned dress with a voluminous skirt and a red cardigan.

Ella is wearing a black and red dress and a cardigan.  She is smiling happily.

"I like it," I said happily.

Alice had chosen a baby pink floor length gown for Renesmee.

Renesmee in a floor length pink gown.

Renesmee didn't even complain that her dress was too extravagant - she was used to Alice dressing her up.

Finally, we were ready. Alice, Renesmee and I passed through the hall with effortless grace, our dresses trailing behind us like a river of silk. Our faces portrayed identical anticipatory smiles. I expected to see a room filled with happiness and exhilaration. Instead, there was ominous silence. The room was empty. Where is everyone I wondered in confusion. Suddenly, I heard a sibilant hissing. A mysterious cerise gas erupted out of nowhere like a haze of scarlet smoke.

Ella looks worried. She is covered with a red haze.

I felt the control over my own body slipping away as I melted into the embrace of inescapable oblivion...



Whilst I was writing this chapter, I was listening to:

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