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Chapter 5

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Two man-sized wolves sauntered out of the undergrowth and paused in front of me.

The first wolf had soft russet fur set in untidy clumps. Its great paws were so massive they could cradle you like a baby within its mother's arms.

The second wolf had fur that was long and silvery. Its eyes were grey and deep, surrounded by voluminous black lashes. It was like a massive steel monument. It was growling and making annoyed panting noises.

enormous grey wolf with silver eyes

The enormous russet wolf padded out. It's fawn eyes were brown pools filled with love.

"Jacob!" shouted Renesmee excitedly, running to embrace the wolf.

Renesmee standing next to Jacob in wolf form

I was shocked. I couldn't comprehend that there were actual werewolves.

"Are you safe from this wolf?" I asked worriedly.

"Yes I am safe. This is Jacob. He is my boyfriend. He is not always in wolf form. He is a shapeshifter, able to take the form of a wolf."

Renesmee's boyfriend Jacob, in human form

I couldn't believe that Renesmee's had a boyfriend that could turn into a wolf. I know it all! My sister's infamous elopement with a werewolf,* I thought.

They want us to go to La Push," said Renesmee.

'What's La Push? " I asked confusedly.

"La Push is the werewolf reservation. It's next to ocean and cliffs. It's where all the wolves originate from."

La Push beach which has silver sand, gentle waves and high cliffs

"How are we going to get there?" I asked.

"I ride on Jacob's back but the wolves won't let you on them because you are a vampire. Vampires and werewolves don't have a good relationship. They are natural enemies. They only really tolerate each other because of me."

"Maybe someone could drive me there," I wondered.

"You could ask my Uncle Emmett to drive you there," Renesmee said, indicating the grey jeep parked out the front of the house.

Emmett standing on the back of a jeep

Just then, the grey wolf padded over to me.

"This wolf is Leah," Remesmee said.

I reached forward cautiously and stroked Leah's grey fur. It felt bristly and soft. As I stroked her fur, I could hear contented wolf growling. I could tell Leah was enjoying me patting her.

Ella is next to a large grey wolf. She is smiling and about to stroke the wolf.

Leah knelt down, her soft growling and kind eye contact a clear invitation for me to climb on.

I was conflicted. Why is this wolf kneeling down and offering for a vampire to ride it? I thought, bewildered. Aren't I supposed to be its enemy?

My curiosity drove me to accept the wolf's invitation.

I moved my wheelchair so that it was parallel to her back. Then I hauled myself up using a tuft of her fur.

Ella is laughing as she sits upon the wolfs back

Once I was comfortably seated on her back, Leah rose up to her full height. Leah and Jacob suddenly bolted off, their muscular legs swiftly propelling them across the soft ground. I hung on for dear life!I could see the trees, which had been reduced to a blur with our unguarded speed.I could hear the cat calls of many birds flocking away in fear as we charged through the forest. I could smell the keen scent of many leaves rotting away under the trees.

I could feel the wind rushing past me. I could taste droplets of water as they splashed harmoniously into the rock pool below a waterfall.

a waterfall in the forest

Swiftly, Renesmee and Jacob stopped short. We stopped as well. We had finally arrived at La Push. I noticed my wheelchair was sitting there. Maybe Emmett had dropped it off.

I slid off Leah's back and got into my chair. Suddenly all the wolves ran out to meet me. I could hear excited barking.

a group of large wolves standing in a clearing

Somehow I could understand what they were saying!

"My name is Sam," a gigantic black wolf growled to me. "We are overjoyed you are here."

Sam the black wolf

"Thankyou," I said gratefully. "I am overjoyed to meet you too."

Renesmee looked at me with a surprised expression. "Can you understand the wolves?"

"Every single word," I said.

"I know what your special gift is!" gasped Renesmee ...



While I was thinking about and writing this chapter I was listening to:

*Editor's note: Ella is using a literary device called allusion here. Allusion is "an implied or indirect reference especially in literature"(, retrieved 2021) which leaves the audience to make the direct connection. Fans of Jane Austin may recognise the line from Pride and Prejudice, where Lady Catherine De Burg says to Elizabeth "I know it all! Your sister's infamous elopement". Ella has recently watched the BBC Pride and Prejudice series (an almost word-for-word representation of the novel) with her mum. This line has was Ella's favourite one from the series and one of many lines she has memorised.

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2 kommentarer

14. jun. 2021

Wow Ella. I hope this is going to be put in printed book form as I would love to purchase a copy xxx


13. jun. 2021

I love the pictures illustrating each chapter Ella, but your words do the job extremely well on their own. Keep up the good work.


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