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Chapter 41

Updated: Apr 13

Author's Note:

In January of 2024, I attended my school ball. The photos of me in the following chapters were taken when I was getting ready for the ball and when I was at the ball.


Alice led Felix and I out of my bedroom, calling out to Jasper as we went.

"Jasper, I need your help! We have a fashion emergency! I'm dealing with Ella, but I need you to do something about Felix. Can you come and help him look like he's going to a prom?" She looked with frustration at Felix's bright carmine eyes. "And those eyes just won't do! They are an obvious vampire dead give-away. Jasper, hurry!" she yelled.

Alice looking frustrated and furious at the deliberate slowness of Jasper’s approach. Her lips are pursed and downturned.

Felix and I listened intently as Jasper made the unsatisfactory climb up the staircase and came to the doorway. He held a suit and some contact lenses in hand.

"Better come with me buddy," said Jasper with resignation. "There's no point arguing with Alice when fashion is involved!"

Felix turned and looked at me with humour in his eyes.With a squeeze of my hand, he walked off after Jasper. River trailed after them obediently, as if she too was afraid of Alice's retribution.

With a sweeping gesture, Alice led me toward the lift and up into her dressing room. As we entered, I saw that two beautiful dresses were on display. The first dress was arranged onto a headless mannequin and was made from many layers of tulle in the most dreamy lilac. A fitted bodice of the same colour crowned the ensemble. The waistband encircling the dress was decorated with a finely engraved brooch that glimmered mysteriously in the half-light.

A strapless, lilac dress with a full tulle skirt and a brooch in the middle of the waistband.

The other dress hung on the top of the doorframe. It was constructed from soft fabric of the deepest pink. The sleeves hinted at a design that would drape effortlessly across the wearer's shoulders. It also involved a fitted bodice with boning that cinched the wearer in at the waist. A skirt made of layers of magenta tulle fell elegantly and collected just short of the floor.

The second option of prom dress, with layers of bright pink tulle falling effortlessly just shy of the floor.
Author's note: This is the real dress that I wore for my school ball.

"So, which dress would you like?'' asked Alice, after giving me sufficient wait time.

"I like the second option," I said confidently. "Right, let's put the dress on."

"Put the dress on now?'" snapped Alice incredulously.

"What do you mean? I've chosen my dress ..." I said confusedly.

" You've forgotten some crucial elements - your makeup and hair," she said, a look of pain crossing her face at my apparent refusal to cooperate. "Tara! Briony! "she called towards the door in a crisp voice. The door opened and in walked two glamorous-looking women.

"I'm Briony," said a stylish woman with a neatly cut auburn bob and beautiful face. "I'm doing your makeup today".

This photo is of Briony, who did my makeup, both for this prom and for my actual school ball. She has bright red hair.
Author's note: This is Briony, who did my makeup for the ball.

"I'm Tara," said a tiny blond bombshell with bright blue eyes and luxurious black eyelashes. "I'm here to style your hair."

This photograph is of Tara, the hairstylist. She has coiffed blond hair and very long eyelashes.
Author's note: This blond woman is Tara, who is a very skilled hairdresser. I had my hair done for the ball at her salon.

"These two are the best of the best," said Alice assertively. "Do everything they say."

With a flurry of makeup brushes, hairdryers and curling wands, Briony and Tara set to work.

After what felt like hours, Tara spun me around so I could look in the mirror.

"What do you think," she asked.

My hair fell in shining waves past my shoulders. My face glowed with a moon-like complexion. My eyes, hidden under blue contacts, shone with joy and excitement.

"I love it," I said happily.

Here is a photo of me with my hair and makeup done. I have very long eyelashes, shiny cheeks and pink lips.
Author's note: This is a photo of me at after I had my hair and makeup done for the ball. We are using actual photos of me on the day to give the story an authentic feeling. The earrings I am wearing were a Christmas gift from my brother James.

We finished thanking Briony and Tara for their stellar makeup and hairstyling skills, then they left.

With the utmost care, Alice helped me into the pink tulle dress, moving the sleeves across my shoulders so it sat perfectly. She added a sparkling silver bag to complete the look. I was finally ready for the prom!

I am sitting in my wheelchair wearing the pink dress. My makeup and hair are perfectly applied.  I am smiling happily and my eyes are sparkling.
Author's note: This was the finished look I wore to my school ball.

There was a knock on the sea-spray coloured oak door.

''Who is it?'' Alice asked.

The door opened willingly, as if it too, was welcoming the unexpected visitor. In strode Emmett with his signature goofy smile on his perfectly airbrushed, moon-like complexion.

"I have brought the device that you requested of me, Ella.'' He was holding a red contraption with four wheels.

Emmett  is holding the contraption I requested. It is red and metal with wheels on the bottom.

''Thank you, Emmett,'' I said as he placed the device on the floor in front of me.

The wheeled device that Emmett has brought me. It is a metal frame with four wheels on the bottom. It has two handle grips on the top of the device.

Alice (who had been silent during this exchange) looked from the wheeled device then back to me with an extremely quizzical expression on her face.

'' You are not the only one who's been prancing around with secrets on their lips this past week,'' I explained in answer to her expression. I smiled with a mischievous glint in my eye.

''This is my walker,'' I said with a laugh. "It is a mobility device that provides support for people with balance and coordination difficulties."

With grace, I stood and transferred from my wheelchair to the walker. As I stood, my hands grasped firmly on the handles of the walker.

 I am standing with the help of my walker.I am holding the handles and looking down. My hair is flowing.  My dress is billowing around my legs,
Author's note: In real life, I trained with my physio and OT to walk and dance using this walker. I even practiced dancing in a dress! Thankyou to Triston and John for helping me x

Alice's eyes suddenly filled with tears. 'But how did you learn to stand up so easily?" she uttered with a shocked glance at my standing form.

Emmett grinned widely at me with a proud expression."The girl knows how to train!" he said enthusiastically. "She's seriously hard core."

Explaining further, I added "I needed to train to build up the strength to use the walker. Emmett has been helping me train to use it."

''Does this mean that you will be using your walker all the time from now on?'' Alice uttered breathlessly.

"It does not automatically mean that," I said, "and I will tell you why. People with cerebral palsy may use different mobility devices at different times to get around. This will depend on the situation. The reason the walker is perfect for the prom is because it allows me to dance safely and show off my dress. I will still be using my chair most of the time as it's the easiest was for me to get around," I finished assertively.

"That makes a lot of sense," said Alice proudly. "I love how you are able to explain your disability to others. You are the first disabled vampire I have ever met so I need this explained to me."

"Thanks for your curiosity," I said with a smile.

With one final ruffling of my skirt, Alice led me out of her dressing room and down the lift to the lounge room. When I got there, I saw Felix. My heart fluttered as I walked in my walker towards him. He was bedecked in a suit of the most luxurious shade of blue. His eyes were the cornflower blue I remembered from before his vampire transformation. I knew instantly that Emmett had applied contact lenses to cover his red vampire eyes.

Felix in his luxurious blue suit, smiling.

We both smiled as we laid eyes on each other.

 Me and Felix, both ready for the prom, and smiling at each other. We are both standing.  I am almost as tall as Felix when I stand.

Felix knew I had been practicing with my walker, but had not seen me using it. For the first time, we were almost the same height standing. As I looked into his eyes, I could read his thoughts clearly: Felix thought I looked beautiful.

"And you look very handsome in your suit too, my kind sir, " I said with a smile.

"Alright, lovebirds, let's go," said Alice, shepherding us both to the door. "Just wait until you two see the mode of transport," said Alice in suspense.

As the door unlocked and creaked open, my mouth opened in shock ...

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