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Chapter 39

Updated: Apr 13

The merry-go-round of my thoughts continued to spin. It took turn after dismal turn in the direction of my worries about Felix as a newborn. Suddenly, the wood door creaked open. Expecting to see Carlisle exiting his study, you can imagine my shocked surprise when the figure of Felix came stomping out the door. With an aggravated air, Felix came to a halting stop in front of my wheelchair. He threw his notebook dangerously in my direction.

Felox's notebook

'What is the meaning of this?" Felix had written in a furious scrawl. He looked down at his now muscular body and then back at me. He looked in the hall mirror at his red eyes: so different to their previous cornflower blue.

Felix with his vampiric red eyes

He wrote again. "What am I, a monster?"

Please allow me to explain," I stuttered quietly. "It's true that you deserve an honest answer so come with me and I will divulge everything." With a resigned air, I wheeled resolutely towards the lift, with Felix walking quietly behind.

With a falsely bright ding, the doors of the lift coasted open, as if, unlike me they were blissfully unaware of the mammoth task set before me. I pushed open my bedroom door and let Felix and I into the spare room that had become my place of sanctuary.

opening the door

Felix and I sat on the downy covers of my bedspread and I began.

"This was necessary," I uttered, averting my gaze, more confident now than when Felix's fiery eyes were boring into mine."You were in a car accident, Felix , and we had to turn you into a vampire to save you from the severity of the injuries you sustained. I know this is extremely hard to understand but I was in a similar, deadly situation and the Cullen's turned me into a vampire to save me too. Yes, Felix. You and I are both vampires."

Felix's expression suddenly turned from one of unbelievable anger to one of open-mouthed shock. On instinct, I attempted to reach up toward him, hoping to offer comfort in light of my words. I was flabbergasted when Felix batted my hands away and turned in the opposite direction. "It's going to be alright, Felix," I said comfortingly. "You'll be taught how to control these confusing urges and I will be here to help you whenever you need."

Felix remained turned away, a subtle flicker of his carmine eyes moving in my direction, the only indication that he'd even heard. I hung my head, so I didn't see Felix whip around and stare furiously at me, his held up notebook in his pale hands. The words, "But don't vampires kill humans and drink blood?" were written across the page in slanting cursive.

"No, my family is called the Cullens, they are vegetarian vampires, they drink the blood of animals," I explained patiently.

"Well I think that killing animals is murder!" Felix wrote irately, and again pointed his notebook toward me.

"I don't drink the blood of such innocent creatures," I said heatedly, my own anger starting to show, in response to Felix's overarching stubbornness and irritating use of resolve. "I have found an alternative," I said persistently. "I drink blood-red sap that comes from a tree. It's called Sangue," I finished.

Before Felix could say any more, the sound of frenzied barks and yips had the audacity to interrupt us. With twin curious expressions, Felix and I made our way down the lift and towards the door. Through the glass, I could just make out the furry shape of River sprinting to us.

River the Collie running

Suddenly, with uncontrollable ferocity, Felix pelted towards River, with hunger in his eyes.

"No!" I shouted despairingly, " Don't eat River..."

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