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Chapter 38

As Felix made another frenzied attempt to strike at my throat, Jasper and Carlisle rushed into the room. With practiced grace, Jasper took the thrashing Felix and held him firmly against his chest.

"I think you should allow Felix a little space to cool off, Ella," Carlisle uttered calmly, ushering me out the door.

Unsure of what else to do, I pulled my wheelchair up alongside a highly polished wooden bench and descended from my chair to sit upon it. As if sensing my overwhelming sadness, the bench creaked as if the wooden piece of furniture sensed my distress and exuded it tangibly.

I tried to distract myself, fiddling feverishly with the buckles on my plum-coloured overalls, hoping that by doing so, I could get some recluse from this agonising experience. I reflected on Felix: His once cornflower- blue eyes now burnt with a hunger like wildfire, his hay-coloured curls tousled beyond recognition, his hands, always so soft and gentle, clenched in obvious consternation.

The door to Carlisle's office creaked open wearily, as if the door itself had decided that it's wooden existence was too much to bear. Slowly Carlisle emerged, followed by Jasper holding Felix ina vice-like grip.

"We are going hunting so Felix can get his unrelenting thirst under control." Carlisle explained as Felix, Jasper and himself moved past me. "I assume that you wouldn't want to see Felix hunting, as you are so averse to hunting anything, animal or human." Carlisle uttered kindly.

I had a sudden sad realisation. I had had the idea to revive Felix in this way, and now, here he was, after the change: a wild, red-eyed thing, positively writhing in pain. I pictured Felix and how his eyes, once blue and full of laughter, would never again glint with that mischievous glow again.

"What have I done?" I thought ......

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