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Chapter 37

Carlisle stood with purpose, picking up the unconscious, bloodied form of Felix and running in the direction of the Cullen house. With dread, I followed.


Due to the exemplary array of gifts my vampire family possessed, I knew that they would be aware of my plight about Felix. Even knowing that, I was not prepared for the shock the Cullen house would be in when we returned with our injured patient. As we came in the milky white front door, the air seemed to still tangibly, as if someone had just dumped a foul torrent of icy water over each of the Cullen house inhabitant's heads.

With urgency, Alice and Emmett set about preparing a stretcher for Felix, taking him carefully out of Carlisle's sturdy embrace, and positioning him gently upon it.

"We need to get him up to my office immediately, it's all prepared for him" Carlisle ordered calmly, his years as a surgeon apparent in every steady word. I wheeled inside the lift alongside Felix, his face drawn and sweaty from his inner struggles.

With an anguishing slowness, the lift creaked to a halt. Both Felix and I were wheeled towards the sedate white operating theatre which was the inside of Carlisle's office.

Felix was then placed with care on the operating table where Carlisle began biting him, inserting his life-saving venom into Felix's bloodstream. I was left to watch silently, hoping that the change would be successful.


After the span of about three days, Jasper informed me that Felix's change was complete. "I think that Felix would appreciate your company right about now" Jasper said with a smile.

Jasper and I made our way up to see Felix, my excitement growing with each second. "I can't wait to see Felix" I said, positively bubbling with barely-contained eagerness.

But when we pushed open the operating theatre doors, I saw no sign of Felix anywhere. No relieved smiles at the fact that he was in no pain, no welcoming arms, pulling me into a hug, no sound of his pen moving across his notepad as he drafted answers to our next conversation.

Without warning, an uncontrollable blur of a vampire with hay- coloured blond hair bolted towards me, his teeth an inch from my face....

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