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Chapter 36

Author's note: Due to how things play out in this instalment, you may require a tissue box, just in case I've done too much of a good job at evoking emotion in my writing.


I opened the smooth, white door. The pearlescent teak creaked as if about to crumble with the suspense of the surprise visitor to our cottage.Suddenly, Jacob bolted into the Cullen living room, his face a mask of worry.

"There's been an accident on the edge of the Quileute reservation. Carlisle, we need your expert medical knowledge," Jacob uttered breathlessly.

Hearing this commotion, I wheeled and Renesmee ran to the source of the commotion, seeing Jacob standing there."We heard an urgent conversation," Renesmee and I said in unison. "We want to assist you in your sorrowful expedition."

With heavy hearts, we drove to the reservation to assess the car crash and determine the severity. What we saw upon arriving at the site was that it was a mess. A combination of broken glass, a discarded car door and a crumpled airbag made up just some of the debris strewn about the gravel like a giant's battleground of forgotten playthings.

Carlisle spun around and set about, looking for any survivors. We did the same. After just moments Carlisle unearthed the unconscious body of a man who looked to be in his 40s. I realised in shock that I recognised this man - it was Felix's Uncle John. Carlisle checked for a pulse and listened for the faint wisps of breath that usually accompanied a living person. He found none.

"This man has unfortunately passed away from his injuries," Carlisle stated grimly.

In my peripheral vision, I spied another insensible form, laying in a large pool of scarlet blood. His long legs, tall stature and hay-coloured curls deemed him instantly recognisable to me. It was Felix. With a sinking feeling of distress I wheeled my chair over to his bloodied body. As if sensing my presence, Felix opened his eyes. He stared uncomprehendingly at my worried expression and my many frenzied attempts to clean up the ever-growing puddles of blood gathering below him.

I pondered what my life would be like without Felix. No welcoming but companionable silence while we read our most recent books together. No comforting words and bright smiles when we saw each other at our lunch table. No hands endeavouring to hold mine, snuck secretly under the park bench where we sat. I would grieve endlessly if he succumbed to the pain. The mere thought alone brought tears to my eyes. With nothing else to do, I let the tears fall unencumbered into my lap.

I turned to see that Carlisle had come to my side and placed a steadying hand on my shoulder. He drew me against his chest and hugged me tightly until my tears subsided enough for me to speak.

"Please save Felix from his injuries, he only has minutes left," I said pleadingly, the tears that I had cried leaving trails that were drying like rapidly-hardening sugar on my face. I spun to Carlisle, my wet face helping to sweet- talk my sad proclamation.

"I will do all I can for you, Ella but the damage to Felix from the car crash might just be too great.."

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