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Chapter 26

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

As the sun rose and the sounds of the many forest creatures combined in a melodious harmony, all I could think of was Felix Bramwell, the mysterious, imprudent boy from the library. Even his surname was vexing me. Bramwell kept reminding me of Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. I came to the frustrating realisation that of course Felix would have the audacity to be named after one of the most prestigious authors of supernatural fiction!

Ella sitting in her bedroom, being frustrated at the sheer audacity of Felix

As I wheeled frustratedly into the kitchen, retrieved my Sangue from the fridge and brought it forcefully into contact with the bench, Renesmee cast a confused glance in my direction. It was not often that I was grumpy and I could tell that it was having an effect on my sister.

"Sorry sis," I said sheepishly. "I have a lot of things on my mind."

"Our journey to school through the forest should 'still your beating mind'" said Renesmee, quoting Shakespeare with effortless grace.

As we traipsed through the forest on the way to school, I followed Renesmee's advice and tried to focus on the unforgettable beauty of my surroundings.

Ella in the forest, trying to focus on it's beauty but only thinking of Felix

However, everything reminded me of Felix. The crystal blue water trickling meditatively along the brook was effortlessly reminiscent of Felix's piercing aquamarine eyes.

Felix's eye colour being effortlessly reminiscent in the shimmering brook

The pale yellow pine straw that carpeted our path reminded me of the untidy grace of Felix's hair, which was styled with accidental perfection over his corn-coloured brows.

Ella being reminded of the pine straw, which was piled with untidy grace like Felix's hair styled with accidental perfection over his corn- coloured brows

The cathedral like quiet of the forest reminded me of Felix's unwavering silence every time I had attempted to speak to him during our encounter in the library.

During the school day, I looked for Felix. What isn't he at school? I thought. He looks to be my age so where does he go?

Ella looking for Felix at school at her locker

That afternoon, as I sorted through the books in the library, I kept expecting to hear the bell on the door signal Felix's brooding arrival. But it remained as silent as Felix himself.

Ella sorting through the books at the library and waiting for Felix to arrive in his usual brooding way

The following day at school seemed to go exactly as the one preceding it. Before I knew it, the lunch bell had rung and I was making my way into the crowded cafeteria with my friends. I pulled up to our regular table and began to drink my Sangue.

In my peripheral vision, I saw a lone figure sitting at a wooden bench in the courtyard outside. It was Felix. He was sitting at the bench reading avidly from a tattered volume.

Felix sitting outside the cafeteria reading avidly from a tattered volume

The sight of Felix's lone figure brought back my own memories of being the 'new girl'. As a foster child, I had attended many different schools in my childhood. Each new school meant a period of intense loneliness before I found my feet.

Ella being sad remembering the times she was 'the new girl'

As much as I did not like the way Felix had acted in the library, I couldn't just stand by and witness his complete isolation. Bidding a hasty farewell to my friends, I made my way outside and headed towards Felix's table. Without a word, I pulled up in my chair, took out my book and began reading.

Ella reading outside at Felix's table at lunchtime

Felix and I sat in silence for what felt like hours. The only sounds were the whispers of our turning pages. Suddenly, the school bell rang out to indicate the end of lunch. As I packed up my book and prepared to go, Felix looked me straight in the eye.

"I've been a new kid too," I said to him in a serious tone. "I know how lonely it can be and I just didn't want you to feel alone."

Unexpectedly, Felix's face lit up with a smile. There's hope for this boy yet, I thought ...

Felix's unexpected smile while reading with me


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