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Chapter 13

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Alice bounded ecstatically into the room and motioned for Emmett to take the racks of clothes into Renesmee's bedroom. As he passed us, I noticed a riot of colours hanging down - cherry red, sunshine yellow, fuchsia pink, forest green, deep purple, bright orange and ocean blue. It looked like a rainbow on wheels!

a clothes rack with brightly coloured garments

"This is going to be the best day!" Alice said. "Fashion is my favourite thing."

Alice walked over to me and embraced me in a tight hug. As she pulled away, she made direct eye contact with me. I saw her expression change from one of sheer excitement to one of deep concern.

Alice in the loungeroom looking concerned

"Before we assess the issue of your attire we have to focus on the matter at hand."

"What do you mean," I asked confusedly.

She motioned for me to follow her into the hallway. "Ella, look in the mirror," she said.

I propelled into the hallway and positioned myself in front of the gilded, silver mirror. I looked at my reflection and scrutinised it deeply.

Ella looking in the mirror at her red eyes

Against my pale complexion, my eyes were like vicious carmine flames that burned with colour.

There was nothing 'normal' or 'human' about them and I realised that the appearance of my eyes was a problem. If I came into school looking like this, there might be suspicions of supernatural activity. It would only take one close look at me to realise that my normally aquamarine eyes were now as red as freshly picked currants.

In the vampire world there are laws. One of these is to stay inconspicuous to humans. This law is enforced by the Volturi. If the Volturi suspected that I had let humans have knowledge of my vampireness they would kill me for breaking the vampire law.

the Volturi

"We need to find a solution here," I said.

"Don't worry," Alice said with an intent expression. "I've already planned for every possible scenario." She reached into her green, tassled handbag and opened it up.

an expensive handbag
Editor's note: to find a bag worthy of Alice's love of fashion, Ella and I researched luxury handbags. Ella chose the Hermes Trim 31 Rainbow Bag as fitting for her character. It retails for over $10 000 AUD.

From out of her handbag, she pulled out a bright orange pouch.

an orange bag
Editor's note: to continue with the Hermes trend, Ella chose the Hermes Bolide Travel Case. It retails for around $700 ASD

Alice opened up the pouch to reveal a collection of small translucent plastic discs. Each one contained a circle of colour, including blues, greens and browns.

Contact lense colours

"What are these?" I asked.

"Coloured contact lenses," she said proudly. "We can make your eyes look whatever colour you like. Which one would you like to try first?"

The first pair of contacts I selected were emerald green. I inserted the sphere into my eye and blinked. It felt foreign. I looked deeply at myself in the mirror.

Ella looking in the mirror with emerald green eyes

My eyes were an unnaturally bright shade of green.

They were the colour of a green tree frog.

A green tree frog

"These are way too bright," I said.

"Next," said Alice firmly.

"What pair should I try next," I asked Renesmee.

Renesmee pointed at a pair of light blue lenses. "These may be more similar to your original eye colour," she said.

I inserted the next pair cautiously but with more confidence. I looked back in the mirror.

Ella looking into the mirror with silver-blue eyes

My eyes were a metallic silvery grey.

They were the colour of a Siberian Husky's eyes.

A Siberian Husky

"These are too light and synthetic looking," I said.

"I agree," mused Alice. "Perhaps you should try these," she said. She pointed to a pair of cornflower blue contacts.

Because I had been practicing, I inserted this pair confidently. I looked in the mirror and smiled.

Ella smiling as she looks in the mirror.  Her eyes are blue

This pair was the exact same colour as my eyes when I was human.

"That's better," I said with relief.

"Now that's out of the way," Alice said with gusto, "we can focus on the most important thing about starting school again - the clothes..."



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