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Chapter 10

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The front doors of the big black car swung open like sleek raven's wings. I felt a mixture of confusion and dread mostly due to the fact that Alice had lost her ability to see into the future. This meant that we were unsure who was manning the vehicle. What if the driver was one the Volturi? Suddenly, the driver jumped hurriedly out of the car. It was Edward!

Edward standing outside the black car

"Quick, get in!" he urged.

With an overwhelming feeling of relief we climbed into the car.

"Can I help you put your wheelchair in the car?" asked Emmett, leaning out the car window.

"Yes please," I said. "Oh wait," I added "These amazing mice helped us escape. We need to accommodate them too."

"We have a bed prepared for them," Edward said as he gestured to a little white box filled with cushions. "I read Renesmee's mind and knew about our little furry friends."

As we gently transferred the mice to their bed, they squeaked curiously.

"We're going to your new home," I said to them kindly.

The mice inside their cushioned box

We drove off as quickly as inhumanly possible. I saw my reflection in the rear view mirror of the car and I couldn't believe it - my eyes were pitch black!

Ella with black eyes because of her hunger

"Our eyes turn black when we haven't fed for a while," explained Bella. "You need to feed."

She passed me a jar of Sangue, the food source I drank instead of blood.

The Sangue Blood - my food source

Drinking the Sangue replenished my strength. I hadn't realised I was so depleted. I checked my eyes again and they had returned to red. Bella passed Renesmee and Alice drink bottles filled with animal blood. They drank luxuriously from the bottles.

Once we had finished feeding we hurriedly drove towards the plane that was waiting for us at a private airstrip. With relief, we boarded a flight home.

The plane waiting to take us home

After what felt like centuries, we arrived back at our artfully decorated cottage. Standing out the front were my Uncle Jasper, Jacob and a mass of screeching animals.

Jasper, Jacob and Carlisle standing outside with a mass of screeching animals

Alice glided gracefully out of the car and jumped joyously into Jasper's arms.

"You'll never have to be without me again," she said happily.

Renesmee ran radiantly towards Jacob and smiled sweetly at him.

"O, here, will I set up my everlasting rest and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh,*" recited Renesmee.

I wheeled wordlessly forwards as a cacophony of creatures came crashing rambunctiously into my waiting arms.

The squirrels jumping up to lick my face

"I've missed you so much my furry and feathered friends," I said as the squirrels ran up my arms and set about fiercely licking my face.

Lechuza the owl settled himself with a possessive air on my shoulder.

"I've brought home some friends, " I said to Lechuza. "I politely ask you not to eat them."

"As you wish," he said grandly.

Once everyone had caught up, Renesmee turned to Carlisle with a worried expression.

"We have some bad news," said Renesmee. "Alice and I have lost our powers. Carlisle, what should we do?"

Carlisle turned to us with a disquieted expression.

Carlisle with a disquieted expression on his face

"I don't know. In all my years I've never heard of vampires losing their powers," he said.

"What if Renesmee and Alice's powers never return?" I asked.

"I just don't know," said Carlisle sadly. "But I know of somewhere we might be able to find out..."


*Author's note: "O, here, will I set up my everlasting rest and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh" is a quote from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. In the school holidays, my friend Hannah and I read out parts of this play and recorded ourselves. I love memorising quotes, especially from Shakespeare.


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